rotary evaporators

Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporators are used for distillation and extraction under normal pressure or vacuum conditions, and is suitable for the concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of materials.

glass reactors

Glass Reactor

Glass reactors can be used for the concentration, distillation, separation, stirring, purification and other reactions of the reaction materials, and is an ideal chemical and pharmaceutical equipment.

stainless steel reactors

Stainless Steel Reactor

Stainless steel reactors also called stainless steel mixing tank. It is designed with double-layer stainless steel, which can be stirred and reacted under normal pressure or negative pressure.

spray dryers

Spary Dryer

Spray dryers are used to dry solutions, suspensions, or emulsions into powders, which are usually used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries or research and development fields.


Recommend our hot selling products for you

S-50L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Model : S-50L
Capacity : 50L
Stirring power: 120W
Stirring speed(r/min) : 0-600

Model : SS-60L
Capacity : 60L
Rated Power: 240W
Stirring speed (r/min): 0-500

Model : R-1050
Capacity : 50L
Water bath power : 6000W
Rotating Speed(r/min) : 20-110

Model : TGYF-B
Feed capacity(ml):50—500
Pressure (Mpa):22

Model : SD-2L
Water evaporation(ml/h): 0-2000
Stainless steel nozzle: nozzle diameter Φ0.75mm
Maximum drying air volume: 105m³/h

Model : T-450EX
Feed capacity(L):450
Power(KW) : 32
Recovery(%) : 95

Supporting Equipment

The following supporting equipment is required to use our products, contact us for details.

Model : DLSB
Low Temperature Range : -30℃~RT
Refrigeration capacity: 120~1320W
Rated Power: 980W

Model : GDX
Low temperature range: -30℃~199℃
Refrigeration capacity: 275~2150W
Rated Power: 2900W

Model : DFY
Low temperature range: -30℃~98℃
Refrigeration capacity: 120~1320W
Rated Power: 980W

Model : SHZ-D
Power: 180W
Flow(L/min): 60
Max.Vacuum(Mpa): 0.098

Model : 2XZ
Power: 370W
Rotating speed(r/min):1400
Noise (db):≤60

Model : MPC
Ultimate pressure: < 2mbar
Speed (50Hz/min):2m³
Motor Power: 90W

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