Vacuum Oven DZF 6020

Model: DZF- 6020
Max. Vacuum Degree (Mpa): 0.098
Temp. Range(°C): RT+10~200
Power Supply: 220V/50HZ

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 introduction

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 is a small vacuum drying oven, suitable for laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants and other fields. The equipment adopts low-temperature drying technology in a vacuum environment, which can effectively remove moisture and other volatile components in the material, thereby improving the quality and stability of the material.

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 features:

Efficient drying:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 adopts low-temperature drying technology under vacuum environment, which can quickly and evenly remove moisture and other volatile components in materials and improve drying efficiency.

Precision control:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 is equipped with advanced temperature control system and vacuum degree control system, which can precisely control the temperature and vacuum degree during the drying process to ensure the drying quality.

Safe and reliable:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 adopts a fully enclosed structure with safety performances such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-pollution to ensure the safety of operators and the reliability of equipment.

Easy to operate:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 is easy to operate, equipped with lcd display and touch screen controller, operators can easily master how to use the equipment.

Various specifications:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 provides a variety of specifications and volumes, which can be customized according to customer needs.

In addition to the above features, vacuum oven dzf 6020 can also be equipped with inner tanks of different specifications and materials, a variety of temperature sensors and controllers, and different types of vacuum pumps and other accessories to meet the needs of different users.

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 is a vacuum drying oven with complete functions, easy operation and stable performance, which can meet various needs in laboratories and industrial production.vacuum oven dzf 6020 price

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 application:

Vacuum oven dzf 6020 is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food, electronics, material research and other fields. Specific applications include:


Drying medicines, biological products, blood products, etc.

Chemical industry:

Dry chemical reagents, catalysts, synthetic resins, etc.


Dry food raw materials, dry puffed food, oven food, etc.


Dry electronic components, semiconductor materials, etc.

Materials research:

Dry ceramics, metals, composites and more.vacuum oven dzf 6020 introduction


For vacuum oven dzf 6020, regular maintenance work is very important to ensure its normal operation, prolong its service life, and reduce the occurrence of failure and damage. Here are some maintenance guidelines:

  1. After each use, clean the inside of the device. Wipe internal surfaces, especially the vacuum chamber, with a soft cloth to prevent residue from damaging the device.
  2. Regularly check the vacuum pump and vacuum lines to make sure they are not contaminated, worn or damaged. Replace related parts if necessary.
  3. Clean and replace the filter to ensure the working environment of the equipment is clean and healthy.
  4. Check the temperature sensor and controller to ensure their accuracy and stability.
  5. Check the tightness of the vacuum drying oven at regular intervals. If the sealing is not enough, it will affect the performance and efficiency of the equipment, and even cause the failure of the equipment.
  6. Regularly clean the external surface of the equipment to prevent dust and dirt from damaging the equipment.
  7. If necessary, regularly maintain and repair the equipment. Before maintenance and repairs, the equipment should be thoroughly inspected and evaluated to determine the parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

Case of vacuum oven dzf 6020:

A food processing factory produces dried fruit preserves. Due to the influence of humid climate and processing environment, the moisture content of dried fruit preserves often exceeds the standard, resulting in a decrease in quality and a shortened shelf life. In order to solve this problem, the food processing factory purchased a vacuum oven dzf 6020.

vacuum oven dzf 6020 case

During the production process of dried fruit preserves, put them into a vacuum drying box, turn on the vacuum pump, reduce the pressure in the drying box, and form a vacuum environment. At the same time, adjust the temperature control system to control the temperature in the drying box so that it reaches a temperature range suitable for drying dried fruit preserves. Under this condition, the vacuum drying oven can quickly remove the moisture in the dried fruit preserves while keeping the shape and color of the dried fruit preserves unchanged.

By using a vacuum oven dzf 6020, the food processing plant has successfully reduced the moisture content of dried fruit preserves, improved the quality and stability of the product, and extended the shelf life of the product. This case proves that the vacuum drying oven has broad application prospects in the food industry and can help food processing companies improve product quality, reduce production costs, and increase market competitiveness.

Vacuum Oven DZF 6020
Model Temp. Range(°C) Max. Vacuum Degree(Mpa) Working Temp.(°C) Chamber Capacity (L) Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm) Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm)
DZF-6010 RT+10~200 0.098 +5~40 8 200*200*200 600*400*430
DZF-6020 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 25 300*300*270 620*510*480
DZF-6050 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 55 400*400*345 710*580*530
DZF-6090 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 90 450*450*450 610*680*710
DZF-6210 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 215 560*600*640 720*820*1750
DZF-6500 RT+10~200°C 0.098 +5~40 430 630*810*845

Q: The vacuum pump works abnormally or cannot work normally:

A: Check the connection and power supply of the vacuum pump, clean and replace the filter screen and oil of the vacuum pump, and ensure that the vacuum pump can work normally.

Q: Vacuum pump not creating vacuum:

A: Check vacuum lines and seals to make sure they are not damaged or loose to ensure proper vacuum formation.

Q: Temperature control failure:

A: Check the temperature sensor and controller to ensure their accuracy and stability, and replace the corresponding parts if necessary.

Q: The temperature is too high or too low:

A: Check whether the temperature controller and sensor are normal, and check whether the heater and fan are working properly.

Q: Dirt or odor inside the vacuum drying cabinet:

A:Regularly clean the inside of the vacuum drying cabinet, using a suitable cleaner and disinfectant.

Q:Poor sealing of the vacuum drying oven:

A:Check the seals and vacuum lines to make sure they are not loose or worn, and replace the corresponding parts if necessary.

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