Small Freeze Dryer for Food

Model: FD-06H
Capacity(kg): 6
Drying area(m2): 0.56
Tray size(mm): 205*385
Rated power(kW): 2300W

Small freeze dryer for food introduction

A freeze dryer can be a great tool for preserving food and extending its shelf life. If you’re interested in getting a small freeze dryer for home use, there are a few things to consider.

First, you’ll want to decide on the size of the freeze dryer you need. If you only plan on using it occasionally and for small batches, a compact unit with a smaller capacity may be sufficient. If you plan on using it frequently or for larger batches, a larger unit may be necessary.

Small Freeze Dryer for Food

Next, consider the features and capabilities of the freeze dryer. Some models come with programmable settings, while others may have a manual control panel. Additionally, some models may have a built-in vacuum pump, while others may require an external pump.

Another important factor to consider is the price. Freeze dryers can range from a few hundred dollars for a small, basic model to several thousand dollars for a larger, more advanced unit.

When selecting a freeze dryer, it’s important to choose a model that meets your specific needs and budget. Be sure to read reviews and compare features before making a purchase.

Small freeze dryer for food Features:

When looking for a small freeze dryer for food, there are several features you may want to consider:

  1. Capacity: The size of the freeze dryer will determine how much food you can process at once. Small units typically have a capacity of around 1-2 liters, while larger units can have a capacity of up to 10 liters or more.
  2. Temperature control: Freeze dryers use low temperatures to remove moisture from food. Look for a model that has adjustable temperature controls, so you can adjust the temperature to suit the type of food you’re drying.
  3. Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump is necessary to remove moisture from the food during the freeze-drying process. Some small freeze dryers have a built-in pump, while others require an external pump.
  4. Automatic shut-off: Some models have an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the unit when the food is fully dried. This can help prevent over-drying and ensure that your food stays fresh.
  5. Programmable settings: Some freeze dryers have programmable settings that allow you to customize the drying cycle for different types of food.
  6. Size and portability: Small freeze dryers are often designed to be compact and portable, so you can easily move them around your kitchen or take them with you on camping trips or other outdoor adventures.
  7. Price: Freeze dryers can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget and how often you plan to use the unit before making a purchase.

When looking for a small freeze dryer for food, consider your specific needs and the features that will best meet those needs.

Small Freeze Dryer for Food Features

Small freeze dryer for food Application:

Small freeze dryers can be used for a variety of food applications, including:

  1. Backpacking and camping: Freeze-dried food is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts because it is lightweight and easy to transport. With a small freeze dryer, you can prepare your own freeze-dried meals and snacks for your next camping or backpacking trip.
  2. Home food preservation: Freeze-drying is an excellent method for preserving food because it removes moisture without affecting the flavor, texture, or nutritional content. With a small freeze dryer, you can preserve fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods for long-term storage.
  3. Specialty food production: Freeze-drying is commonly used in the production of specialty foods such as astronaut food, pet food, and gourmet ingredients. With a small freeze dryer, you can experiment with creating your own specialty foods at home.
  4. Emergency preparedness: Freeze-dried food is a popular choice for emergency preparedness because it has a long shelf life and is easy to store. With a small freeze dryer, you can prepare your own emergency food supply that will be ready to use in case of a disaster or other emergency.

Small freeze dryer can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to preserve food, create specialty foods, or prepare for emergencies. With the right equipment and some creativity, you can use a freeze dryer to produce a wide variety of high-quality, shelf-stable foods.

Small Freeze Dryer for Food Detail

Supporting Equipment for Small freeze dryer for food:

2XZ-4 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Power: 550w

Exhaust speed (L/S):4

Rotating speed:1400

Air inlet diameter:Φ19

Noise (db):≤60

Case : ZZKD Company Selling Small freeze dryer for food to a Vietnamese Customer

ZZKD company is a leading manufacturer of small freeze dryers for food, and we recently had the pleasure of selling one of our units to a customer in Vietnam.

The customer, Ms. Mai, is a small business owner who produces specialty food products using locally sourced ingredients. She was looking for a way to preserve her products without compromising their quality, and after researching various options, she decided that a small freeze dryer was the best choice.

We were able to work closely with Ms. Mai to understand her specific needs and recommend a freeze dryer that would be the best fit for her business. We recommended our 2-liter capacity model, which is perfect for small-scale food production.

Case Small Freeze Dryer for Food

Ms. Mai was very impressed with the quality of our freeze dryer, and the level of customer service she received throughout the purchasing process. She found our team to be very knowledgeable, and appreciated the fact that we took the time to understand her needs and recommend the right equipment for her business.

After using the freeze dryer for several weeks, Ms. Mai reported that she was extremely satisfied with its performance. She found the unit to be very easy to use, and appreciated the fact that it had a small footprint, which made it easy to store in her small production facility.

The freeze dryer was also very efficient, and was able to process batches of food quickly and effectively. Ms. Mai noted that the quality of her freeze-dried products was excellent, and that the process had not affected the taste or nutritional value of her food.

Overall, Ms. Mai was extremely pleased with her purchase, and felt that it was an excellent investment for her business. She has recommended ZZKD company to several of her colleagues in the food production industry, and we are proud to have earned her trust and loyalty as a customer.

Small Freeze Dryer for Food
Model Drying area(m2) Tray size(mm) Shelf size(mm) Voltage(V) Machine size(mm)
FD-03H 0.3 205*385 385*205 220-240V  50-60Hz 450*610*760
FD-06H 0.56 220*510 / 220-240V  50-60Hz 620*694*1098
FD-10H 1.18 295*800 / 220-240V  50-60Hz 660*990*1470
FD-50H 5 / 412*1400 380-440V  50-60Hz 886*1804*1539
FD-100H / / 508*2400 380-440V  50-60Hz /

Q: What is a small freeze dryer for food?

A: A small freeze dryer for food is a compact and efficient piece of equipment that uses a process called freeze drying to preserve food by removing moisture while maintaining the flavor, texture, and nutritional content of the food.

Q: How does a small freeze dryer work?

A: A small freeze dryer works by freezing the food at very low temperatures and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water to sublimate, or transform from a solid to a gas, without passing through the liquid phase. This process removes the moisture from the food, resulting in freeze-dried food that can be stored for long periods of time.

Q: What are the benefits of using a small freeze dryer for food?

A: There are several benefits to using a small freeze dryer for food, including:

- Preservation of food without the use of preservatives or additives.

- Retention of the original flavor, texture, and nutritional content of the food.

- Extended shelf life of the food, allowing for long-term storage.

- Lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

- Ability to create specialty food products and experiment with different ingredients and flavors.

Q: What types of foods can be freeze dried using a small freeze dryer?

A: A wide variety of foods can be freeze dried using a small freeze dryer, including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, prepared meals, and even beverages. This makes it a versatile option for preserving different types of food items.

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