Commercial Spray Dryer

Moisture maximum evaporation (kg/h): 10
Rotating speed (r.p.m):25000
Length×width×height (m):1.8×0.93×2.2

Commercial Spray Dryer Introduction

A commercial spray dryer is a large-scale industrial equipment used for drying various liquid solutions, suspensions, or emulsions into powders.Commercial spray dryers are typically used for high-volume production, and they are designed to handle large quantities of liquid feedstock. They are available in various sizes, with the capacity ranging from a few liters to several thousand liters. It is a critical equipment for many industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Commercial Spray Dryer Features:

  1. Efficient volute cyclone separator.
  2. Bipolar spiral hot air distributor, and more even hot air flow.
  3. Inside diameter of drying chamber is up to 1m, and the high-quality mirror design is to reduce sticky material.
  4. Cooling water circulation shall be guaranteed when cooling water pipe and the motor of circulating water cooling centrifugal pump work .
  5. Efficient volute cyclone separator, used for material recovery.
  6. Quick opening valve, used to collect materials continuously during continuous experiment .commercial spray dryer compoents

Commercial Spray Dryer Application:

Pharmaceutical formulations:

Lab scale spray dryers are used in the development of pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets and capsules.

Food processing:

They are used to produce powders from liquid foods such as milk and coffee.

Chemical engineering:

Lab scale spray dryers are used to produce powders from solutions or suspensions in chemical engineering applications.

Nanoparticle synthesis:

Spray drying is also used to produce nanoparticles with specific properties.


Spray drying is used to produce ceramic powders for use in the manufacturing of ceramics.


Lab scale spray dryers are used in biotechnology applications to produce powders from biological materials such as enzymes and proteins.

commercial spray dryer application


Periodic cleaning:

Main engine: open the door, remove the connecting pipelines, clean up the internal tower wall of the main engine, and the sticky waste on each pipeline.

Nozzle: Before each experiment is ready and feeding is finished, clear water (a solvent that can dissolve the material) needs to be passed through to clean the internal pipeline, and finally the pump head is removed to clean the nozzle, shell and other sticky materials.

Fan: Check whether there is waste material accumulated in the filter screen of the air inlet, if there is, it needs to be cleaned up.

Generally, it is cleaned once every 24 hours, and the cleaning frequency of different materials may be different, please adjust according to the needs of customers.

Switching process and precautions:

Turn on the power and start the equipment. When the temperature of the inlet and outlet of the equipment is stable (the outlet temperature is more than 90 degrees), adjust the feeding speed with advanced clean water to ensure that the water can be completely sprayed and dried, and there is no water drop on the tower wall before feeding;

When you stop feeding, you need to clean the pump with clean water immediately, then stop heating and water supply, and turn off the power after the temperature drops to 50 degrees.

If the feeding is stopped suddenly during the experiment, the material in the pump will dry and become powder under the action of high temperature, and then block the feeding pipe.

If the power supply is cut off suddenly during the experiment, it may cause the heating body to overheat and damage the heating body.

If the outlet temperature suddenly drops a lot or continues to drop during the experiment, or the wind power of the fan decreases, the machine needs to be cleaned in time.

commercial spray dryer display

Case Of Commercial Spray Dryer:

Instant black tea powder:

Black tea is a world-class beverage. There are a large number of black tea products in the southern provinces of my country. During the tea making process, a large amount of leftover tea powder will be obtained. If it is sold directly, the economic value is not high. A tea company has purchased our commercial spray dryer, and after deep processing, these teas have been made into high-grade products, which have considerable economic value.

The company uses a certain concentration of B-CD solution (B-cyclodextrin) to extract black tea powder from top to bottom in the extraction tower at a certain temperature to obtain a dark reddish-brown clear black tea liquid for primary extraction. At this time, the surface tension is 63×10-3N/m, and the viscosity is 2.5×10-3P. Then enter the centrifugal spray dryer, the inlet temperature of the hot air is 320°C, and the outlet hot air temperature is 115°C. The instant tea powder is obtained. The tea has a red, bright, and clear color, and the taste is strong, mellow, and fresh. The instant tea obtained after extraction is basically the same as the raw tea in color, aroma, and taste.

Commercial Spray Dryer
Model Inlet temperature


Moisture maximum evaporation (kg/h) Rotating speed (r.p.m) Diameter of spray

disc (mm)

Electric heating

power (kw)

LPG-5 140-350 5 25000 50 9
LPG-10 140-350 10 25000 50 20
LPG-25 140-350 25 18000 100 36
LPG-50 140-350 50 18000 120 63
LPG-100 140-350 100 18000 140 81
LPG-150 140-350 150 15000 150 99
LPG-200-2000 140-350 200-2000 8000-15000 180-340 According to

the actual situation

How can I improve the powder quality in a commercial spray dryer?

To improve the powder quality in a commercial spray dryer, it is important to optimize the spray drying parameters such as temperature, airflow rate, and feed rate, use a clean and properly filtered liquid feed, ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the drying chamber, and adjust the drying time and temperature as necessary.

What causes excessive powder moisture content in a commercial spray dryer?

Excessive powder moisture content in a commercial spray dryer can be caused by insufficient drying time or temperature, improper adjustment of the spray drying parameters, and poor atomization of the liquid feed.

How can I reduce the powder moisture content in acommercial spray dryer?

To reduce the powder moisture content in a commercial spray dryer, it is important to optimize the spray drying parameters such as temperature, airflow rate, and feed rate, ensure proper atomization of the liquid feed, and increase the drying time and temperature as necessary.

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